Future Spider-Man? Marvel 100th Anniversary Special

0 By Jennifer Gaylord  |   Comics  |   June 16, 2014  |     256

It’s the year 2061 and one of the most powerful of Spider-Man’s weapons has fallen into the hands of one of his most powerful enemies.  How did The Kingpin get a hold of the techno-symbiote suit?  Find out in the 100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man #1 from rising star creators Sean Ryan and In-Hyuk Lee.

Writer Sean Ryan did an interview with Marvel.com to talk about the issue.

“We’re jumping into a story already in progress for this issue.  We’re treating this issue as if it was the last issue in a long arc that has been running in the Spider-Man books for a while. This issue sees the story coming to an end. The idea of the story being that the symbiote is back, but it’s been infused with technology that gives its host the power to plug in to the grid and control anything connected to it. And this being the future, that’s just about everything.

The core of Spider-Man I think is what it’s always been from the beginning: ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’” says Ryan. “No matter what year it is, it’s an idea that’s always relevant. There’s always going to be people with power who aren’t using it responsibly. We’re always going to need Spider-Man around.

Everything around him might change, but Spider-Man doesn’t. A perfect example is his costume. Sure, he might change costumes every now and then, but he always goes back to the same costume he’s had since his very first appearance. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created the perfect super hero 51 years ago. It’s never been broke, so there’s no need to fix it.”

Below are three preview pages from the upcoming issue.

100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man #1
Written by Sean Ryan
Art & Cover by In-Hyuk Lee
Interlocking Variant Cover by Alexander Lozano
On-Sale July 9, 2014


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