Review: Divinity: Original Sin

1 By Jennifer Gaylord  |   PC,Reviews  |   July 22, 2014  |     1070

There is no better way to spend a weekend than with a great video game and Larian Studios has provided me with that. RPG’s are one of my favorite genres of games, so when I got the opportunity to review Divinity: Original Sin I jumped on it. And I have not been disappointed. There is both single player and multiplayer playability.  I haven’t delved into the multiplayer yet so this review will cover only the single player.  Now single player may be a bit misleading because upon the very start you choose two main characters, Source Hunters, to play as.  These characters are highly customizable from hair color and style down to their undergarments.  Even the classes; Knight, Wizard, Cleric, Ranger, or Battlemage, allow for more customization than your everyday RPG.  You play as both of these characters, one following the other as you trek through the land exploring and completing quests. divinity02 As you travel throughout the expansive world, be sure to click on EVERYTHING.  You’d be surprised by what will talk back.  Your first quest is to solve the murder of a high-ranking official.  The general idea of the quest may seem easy enough, but as you continue to talk to people (and things) you gather side quests and learn more about this large expansive world.  Eventually you team up with two other companions to aid in your questing.  Some things give you XP and reputation without your ever needing prompting to do them.  A good example of this is right when you enter the city of Cyseal.  You’ll notice a boat burning but there is no prompting of a quest for you to partake in.  I must admit that I did wander around for quite some time clicking around and waiting for someone to ask for help until I realized that I could just use water magic to take care of it.  Oops to me.  But it’s things like this that make the game great.  You can just keep clicking around and be occupied forever.  (Although there can be a cost as my curiosity did cause me to click on and make decisions that led to my demise a few times.) The combat is different than many RPG’s in that it’s turn-based which has never been a strong suit of mine.  I’m much too impatient to wait for my turn.  Each turn you have a certain amount of action points.  When those points are expended, your turn is done.  The good part of turn-based combat is actually thinking out your moves instead of the usual (at least in my case) poke, stab, slash, kill.


Another aspect that is not your typical fare is the control of the main character, or should I say characters.  As I stated earlier you control two main characters.  This means full control.  You can ultimately start to argue with yourself when having a discussion between the two.  This also makes you feel that the game is uniquely yours.  Each question and answer makes the characters more personal.  Add that to the amount of customization of skills for your class and you could play this game over and over and probably never play the same way twice.

Overall I’ve been having an immensely entertaining time with this game and I know I’ve got many hours still to go.  I highly recommend picking this up.

Currently available on Steam for $39.99.

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