Hilarious couch co-op in the form of Chariot

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Once upon a time, there was a princess, the princess had a fiancé, and baggage, not emotional baggage mind you, well maybe emotional, but baggage nonetheless. This baggage came in the form of her deceased father, whom she dragged behind her on a regal chariot. The father’s dying wish was to be brought to his final resting place, which just so happened to be a bit of a challenge to get to as various obstacles and environmental hazards repeatedly get in the way forcing the princess and her fiancé to come up with new routes, and tricks all in an effort to get the deceased king to his final resting place. Here’s a trailer telling the story:

This, ladies and gentleman, is Chariot, a 2 player co-op game that put a big goofy grin on my face as I stood there playing it with a random Pax East attendee. The game puts players in charge of the Princess, and her fiancé as they drag a chariot with her father’s body through various challenging levels all in an effort to get the kind old king to his final resting place, which his ghost demands be filled with riches and gold, he also feels it necessary to comment on his surroundings, his daughter’s choice in future husband, the temperature of his tomb, he actually a pretty vocal dead guy. In true fashion the level me and my co-op buddy chose of course turned out to be one of the more difficult levels, a fact pointed out to us shortly after we started the level by a giggling member of the group behind Chariot, Frima Studios, and while the level was difficult, (apparently ice and chariots don’t get along) my random co-op player buddy and I made it through with a lot of laughter and communication, which when playing co-op is definitely key to completing a level.

Chariot_09Chariot got it’s start based around the idea of the Chariot and grew from there, challenging players through 25 levels spread out through 5 unique and beautifully animated underground levels. At the start of each map players are supplied with a tool they selected to help get them through the obstacles presented in a particular level, adding challenge to already Chariot_08challenging areas are ghost paths, paths which only the dead are allowed to traverse, so the King, perfectly fine, the princess and fiancé, not so much, players at this point can choose to ride the chariot carrying the king as they traverse roller coaster style paths, or dangle precariously off the chariot swinging on the rope, Indiana Jones style as the cart careens over the ghostly paths,. I chose the Indiana Jones style, something about standing there humming the Indy theme while dangling off a cart just seemed fitting. It’s moments like these in the game that really push the lightheartedness Chariot was designed for, and granted, while the back story of having to drag a dead King to his final resting place my seem a little morbid, this game definitely will lead to laughing fits on the couch, or possibly destroy relationships, depending on how well significant others co-operate.

Chariot is available now on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and the WiiU and is definitely a game worth picking up if you are in the market for a challenging yet fun game that everyone can play. Look for the review coming soon.


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