No Time To Explain Coming to Xbox One

0 By Jennifer Gaylord  |   Gaming News,PC,Xbox One  |   June 19, 2015  |     451

There’s no time to explain!…. Well maybe, just a little bit of time. You should at least take the time to know that tinyBuild is bringing No Time to Explain to the Xbox One on July 17th. Completely rebuilt in Unity and bringing new local multiplayer with up to 4 players, No Time to Explain also has redesigned boss fights and a redesigned soundtrack. And if you happen to already have the game on Steam, the Steam Remastered version will also release on July 17th and is free to everyone that already has the original! You can’t beat that deal!
For those that don’t know, No Time to Explain is a game where you find yourself chasing your future self through time and alternate realities all while fighting giant monsters. It’s tons of fun and I’m looking forward to it’s console release.


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