Star Wars Rebels Siege of Lothal *SPOILERS*

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For fans of Disney’s Star Wars Rebels, Saturday night marked the return of the fan favorite show, and after last season’s revelations, the season premiere certainly did not disappoint. The hour long episode was packed with exciting dog fights and enough nail biting moments to make an hour seem like 15 minutes.
Saturday’s episode, The Siege of Lothal, opened with Lothal’s prime minister answering to Agent Kallus and Darth Vader about her failures in apprehending the crew of the Ghost, failures she of course apologizes for. Her apologies, however fall on deaf ears, as Vader informs her to essentially save her words for Tarkin, who is on his way to see her (why she’s more afraid of Tarkin than Vader is beyond me but hey, driving the story). Hearing that she is going to have to answer for her inability to trap the rebels, Minister Tua does the unthinkable, and contacts the crew of the Ghost with an offer of imperial secrets in exchange for her rescue, a cut and dry offer, one would think, but as with any situation involving the Imperials, nothing is as it’s seems.
Minister Tua’s impassioned plea brings the crew of the Ghost back to Lothal, and right smack into the middle of an Imperial blockade, only made worse when the planned rescue of Minister Tua goes horribly wrong. With their escape plans shot, and rescue mission destroyed, the crew of the Ghost is left with only one option, get off Lothal by any means necessary. It’s during their escape that Kanan and Ezra come face to face with the epitome of the dark side of the force himself, Darth Vader. After barely surviving the heated battle, Ezra and Kanan jump aboard the shuttle stolen by the rest of the Ghost crew in time to see Vader use the force to lift the massive amount of debris the two had buried him under, when asked how to fight someone like that, Kanan responds simply with “You run”.
The crew and the stolen shuttle make it back to the republic fleet, unfortunately with Vader in tow, because as always when escaping from Imperials, a tracking device was planted. Arriving in his prototype X1 Tie Fighter, Vader makes quick work of the rebel fighters dispatched to deal with him, leaving the Ghost, now piloted by Hera and Ahsoka (Anakin’s former apprentice) to keep Vader busy while the remnants of the crippled rebel fleet jump to hyper space. It’s during this intense game of cat and mouse, that Ahsoka, aided by Kanan attempt to reach out to identify exactly who they are dealing with in the form of this new Sith Lord, upon realizing who she is dealing with, Ashoka is sent into shock, while Vader realizes his former apprentice lives. The episode ends with Emperor Palpatine ordering Vader to assign a new inquisitor to hunt down the rebel crew, including his former apprentice.
As a fan of Star Wars Rebels I was very excited to learn that Season 2 was premiering Saturday as the ending of Season 1 left me on the edge of my seat. Overall The Siege of Lothal played out as one exciting moment after another and also saw the return of Billy Dee Williams voicing Lando again. The action in this episode was top notch, continuing to grow even after Vader’s showdown with Kanan and Ezra, the ease the Sith Lord displayed was enough to leave me wondering how exactly are these rebels going to be able to deal with him, and where the story could be going as fans of the original trilogy know at least how the story eventually ends. The episode did a great job of keeping me on the edge of me seat and definitely wanting more as the credits rolled. If The Siege of Lothal is any indication of how season 2 of Star Wars Rebels is going to play out, then I will be on my couch every Saturday at 9pm watching Disney XD


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