Toaster’s “I’m not at E3, but here’s my EA impression” impressions

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EA’s press conference this year was the usual par for the course for the powerhouse studio, from Madden to FifaFantasy 17 , I mean Fifa 17 EA’s sports titles are what they’ve always been, smartly designed, with a specific market in mind, a market that is admittedly huge, and not games I’ve ever really been interested in, but hey, just like every year, the players and options available to EA sports fans look more realistic and bring you closer to the feel of actually being there than ever before.

While the sports games from EA have never been my thing, there are two franchises I have always loved that currently reside under the house that sports built, those are Mass Effect and Star Wars and unfortunately, those were the two franchises with the least bit of information. Both Mass Effect Andromeda and EA’s upcoming Star Wars titles were shown in a behind the scenes montage that quickly went through several screenshots. Mass Effect Andromeda so far looks breathtaking, the Frostbite engine bringing the characters, and environments to life with more detail than seen in previous Mass Effect titles, but what stole the moment for me was a glimpse of the Mako, everyone’s least favorite vehicle from Mass Effect 1 unfortunately that’s wall we were given, with Aaron Flynn promising more next year.

If the Mass Effect Andromeda segment left you wanting more, than the Star Wars segment is nothing but famine. Once again showing a quick montage of behind the scene looks, and developer interviews spanning all of the developers under EA’s umbrella who are currently working on Star Wars titles. Confirming what we already knew, Dice is hard at work on Battlefront 2 and is partnered with Motive studios, while no story, or campaign mode was mentioned, additional heroes and other is said to be coming. Other studios got their time in the spotlight as well, Remedy studios is said to be working on a Star Wars title taking place in another era of the Star Wars universe, I’m hoping that this means we’re getting a Knights of the Old Republic 3, but then again, I hope every year at E3 we’re going to get a new Dreamcast. While any of this news would make a Star Wars fan happy, it was the 15 second look at whatever Visceral is working on, it appears to be a third person game, with the what may be the main character walking out into a destroyed building, flying what looks like imperial banners. If there was anything I wish I had more information on it’s that game.

If there was one game out of all of the shiny things EA showed off that really stood out from the crowd, I would have to say Fe and it may be because I’m just a tree hugging hippy at heart and I identified with the message of the game, or because the game just looks hauntingly beautiful. This EA Originals title puts players in control of what looks like a small fox like creature who communicates with other animals in the forest through song, a mechanic meant to show the player that we are all connected.

Overall, EA didn’t really knock anything out of the park, while Fe definitely looks to be a unique and possibly breath of fresh air, the rest of what was offered didn’t do much to answer this fan’s questions regarding his favorite franchises, and seriously, did they just turn Fifa into and RPG?




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