Review: Fancy Cats (iOS)

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Match 3…check!

These are a few of my favorite things and they all have been combined in the mobile game Fancy Cats from Genix Lab.

Solving the puzzles earns you new cats, costumes, fish, gold, and other items to keep your kitties entertained and happy. So far I’ve come across three different types of “missions”; picking, fishing, and chopping. In picking missions, your goal is to drop the package to the bottom of the screen. The packages can either be common or rare and contain such items, respectively. Fishing missions have you match up colored fish that you use as food for your kitties. The packages in chopping missions are sealed behind “fences” and you must make matches next to them to begin breaking down the fences and releasing the packages.

As you level up, new items and cats are unlocked for purchase with your gold. Playing with your cats makes them happy which then provides you with even more gold. I am currently saving up for a couple sets of wings for my beloved cats. Winged kitties are just too cute! this game is a great pick-me-up, put-em-down. New missions generate every 30 minutes, so whenever you have a bit of free time, it’s great to pop in.

Fancy Cats is available for free on both the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store. Definitely worth a download.



1. HUGE SELECTION OF FANCY CATS: 25+ cat species to collect, each with their own personalities! From popular cats like Persian and Siamese to wild cats like Pallas and Sand cats.

2. ENDLESS COSTUME COMBINATIONS: Loads of fancy outfits and cat-sessories for your fancy cats; including hats, jewellery, wings…even a bowl of ramen. See how many heroes your fancy cats can cosplay! New costumes and accessories will be added frequently.

3. LOTS OF PLAYFUL TOYS: Including clockwork mice, music boxes, love potions, giant donuts, red hot chillies and more. See how many tricks you can teach your fancy cats!

4. UNLOCK FREE FANCY GIFTS, ACCESSORIES and TOYS: Make a-meow-zing matches on the game board to release secret boxes of fancy prizes! How many new accessories and free gifts can you uncover?

5. COLOURFUL GARDENS: Seasonally themed gardens are purr-fect places to show-off your stylish fancy cats. Does the snow make a better backdrop for your fancy photos?

6. GLOBAL COSPLAY ALBUM: Share your fancy cat cosplay creations with millions of Fancy Cats fans from across the globe. Get inspired and see how your fancy cats weigh up against the competition!


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