Kerbal Space Program [PS4 Review]

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Mission Control

Kerbal Space Program, one of those games most have heard of but probably never picked up for their own collection. Though I had heard good things and watched it played a few times personally I never picked it up. Recently I was offered up the chance to blast off into space and give this game a play through and review it. First impressions the game looks intriguing on the surface. It was not until I delved deeper in did I realize how immersive this game is. On the surface the game looks cheeky, much to my surprise their was a intense space sim hiding. Now with that being said this game, actually more of a simulation, has a lot to offer but won’t be for every one.

3…2…1…. Blast off

So what is Kerbal Space Program all about? As the player you are in a space program run by beings called Kerbals. These Kerbals live on a planet that much resembles that of our own Earth which is named Kerbin. Coincidentally Kerbin is also located in a solar system that mirrors our own. Want to travel to the Moon uhhh I men Mun, this is the closest chunk of mass floating near Kerbin, which as I am sure you have guessed by now resembles Earth’s Moon. Kerbal Space program makes you fall in love with the Kerbals with the cheeky expressions as they blast off into space or blast off into their untimely demise.

Kerbal People

Kerbal Space program has players creating a thriving space exploration craft better off called a death trap in this case. Without proper instruction much of your time will be spent killing off the poor Kerbal’s looking to fulfill their one and only dream of reaching space. Just like wanting to work for NASA it requires a lot of time, dedication and schooling, Kerbal Space Program is not very different in that aspect. Jumping into the building phase is not the smartest of moves especially when wanting a better launch vs. crash ratio. I realized quickly how involved the actual building phase was after a few times of playing just the tutorial. Lets just say that you will crash and you will crash often it is almost a challenge to get off the ground. You will also have a chance to collect resources or take everything step by step, when you are not playing Sandbox mode the mission side becomes quite enthralling. Again the learning curve is steep but you do find comfort in getting the space ships off the ground.

Kerbal Space

Houston We have a Problem

Right off one very glaring issue arose, I found issues with the controls, not game breaking issues but enough to notice. It was hard with the thumb sticks to actually control ships, also as you start building it becomes worse. Trying to align pieces that need precision are much better off with a keyboard and mouse. Awkwardly I moved my controller to itch my nose only to realizr their was gyroscopic control. After a bit of playing with it my conclusion is it was very tedious and almost unnecessary.  Tutorials as said before are needed but so tedious and time consuming, you will find yourself reading through walls of text just to be able to play the next mission.

Kerbal Ship

Back to Earth

In closing Kerbal Space Program is a fun game that has a lot to offer, with a few minor hiccups it may not be on your list to get. If you don’t have a chance to play the game on PC the PS4 version will have to suffice. Again the game is not a horrible mess but could use some tweaks to make it a bit more user friendly. I will delve back into the building of ships and see what other mischievous things I can get into. It may take time to change my mind but this game is a solid fun space exploration romp.


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