Viking Squad first impressions!

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Taking a spin around the indie megabooth at Pax West on day one revealed a few surprises, with many more to be uncovered during subsequent visits, after all it is only day one.

One of these such surprises was the three player co-op brawler, Viking Squad, currently in development by Slick Entertainment, an indie studio out of Vancouver.

In Viking Squad players choose one of 4 characters, and can chose to go the road alone or team up with up to three friends for couch co-op. The game itself is humorously animated, with vibrant colors, that make it easy to keep track of your character amongst the ridiculous carnage on the screen. During what is most definitely not going to be my only stop at Slick Entertainment’s booth I jumped into the game and gave shield dude a try, a hulking wall of a Viking with a massive shield, figuring the ability to block may come in handy, during Viking Squad’s surprising on point combat. While the game takes it’s inspiration from classics like Golden Axe or Fatal Fury it definitely does not play in the same button mashing style as it’s predecessors, Viking Squad’s combat feels tight, controlled, and precise, if you are in line with a target, no attack is wasted.

The game’s animation style, courtesy of Jesse “The Drawbarian” Turner (@jouste on the twitters) feels like a blending Metalocalypse and Castle Crashers and perfectly fits with the story of the game. You can check out some of Jesse’s art here, or take a look at some of his work for the game below.

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Viking Squad’s art style, combined with it’s story line and over the top feel left me feeling that the brief time I spent playing it, was definitely not enough, and left me wanting more, with an as of yet unannounced release date in 2016 for PS4, Mac and PC, this is definitely a game to keep an eye on. Make sure to check back with us here for a more in depth look at the game. In the meantime you can check out the announcement trailer below, and follow the game on Steam.


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