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If you have been gaming for anytime you like many others have witnessed the many changing faces of Video Games we play. Years ago games were just a bunch of squares on a screen and only color differentiated what player you were. Though throughout the years gaming started to evolve and take shape. Now gaming is so realistic that you almost feel bad when you have to kill the “bad guy” (I did say almost.) Though kids that lived through the 90’s had some of the best gaming experiences. What made them great? Was it the care, the difficulty, the dedication to the gamer? Sure as hell was not the graphics, not to say they were bad. Truthfully when you get down to the core of it a lot of it has to do with everything said. Making games wasn’t all about the ever might dollar where cash and social stigma ruled the games ultimate rise or demise. Games stood on their own premises, good games waved a flag high above the crowds while bad games became five dollar bin divers. Welcome to the new Era of gaming, graphics are sharper, budgets are bigger overall gaming as a whole has grown. Though growth is not always an automatic win, the state of video games has shown us that. Though thanks to a team over at Interceptor Entertainment you can let excitement flow back into your dried up veins.

Rad Level

Bringing back the 90’s-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff’n’Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit.

Say hello to Rad Rodgers, retro platforming brought into this century,

Rad Rodgers is an action-packed 4th-wall busting 3D side-scroller inspired by the precision platformers of the 90’s, powered by today’s Unreal Engine 4.

Calm down, I can see the foam from your mouth from where over here! Sadly this game is not yet out so we can get our grubby little paws on it. Though hark what is this I hear the good new fairy says you can help this dream become a reality. Wait but how? Well for the low price of 49.95 (oh wait sorry I am not pitching as seen on TV junk), sorry lets get back to it. Wait though there is more, the team over at Interceptor have went the Kickstarter route. Now if for some reason you have never heard of Kickstarter it is a way to get some crowd backing from fans that may enjoy what you are pitching. No worries though not only do you support something you love they support you with awesome thank you gifts. What does all this Kickstarter jazz mean for you? Well a couple of things, it means that you can support the game but also stay updated on the progress as the game is being made. Currently Rad Rogers has 172 backers with $5,494 pledged of a $50,000 goal with 29 days to go.

Rad Fire

So why “Rad Rodgers” you may be asking yourself. Well let me answer this in the most simple nature. Jon St. John, now I know some of you are scratching your head while others just peed a little from excitement. If you are still scratching your head please do me a favor, take a moment and head over to youtube and look up “Balls of steel” go ahead I will wait. Are you back now? Good now you are up to speed. Jon St. John is one of the more well known voice actors (Of Duke Nukem fame) of the early video game years. Though he doesn’t voice the main character the spotlight will surely shine on him as Rad’s filthy mouthed overzealous gaming system backpack. Quips as well as filthy commentary and funny jabs are sure to abound.

Rad Rogers will be headed to  PC and PlayStation 4. Make sure to check out Interceptor’s Stretch Goals as they would love to include Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

Check out the story synopsis from the Kickstarter page:

If you have read this far damn I would like to thank you. If what I have said is not enough to wet your whistle please do myself as well as yourself a favor. Head over here: Rad Rogers which will guide you to the Kickstarter page. Take a few minuets to check out all the great support levels and the gifts that are associated with them. You can also hear some of the amazing music and watch a video to check out what Rad Rodgers is all about, or you can check out said video below.


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