Inferno Climber [PC Review]

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Recently I was afforded the chance to take up the sword and review Arc System Works game Inferno Climber. On the outside a cutesy hack & slash, but at the core a game that will drag you through hell. Literally Inferno Climber will not show any mercy as you fight your way through the underbelly of hell. Even before the game started up I was intrigued by the older PS2/PS3 style graphics. Now before you scoff it works well for this game. I think it lends well to the overall fun to be had but as stated don’t let the cuteness fool you.


  • Explore the World of Inferno!
    Fight and explore the unknown world of Inferno to search for the 5 Purgatory Stones. Travel through ruins, jungles and more as the story unfolds.
  • Inferno・Survival・Action!
    Beware of traps and keep an eye out for hidden treasures and secret paths. Level up your character, manage your food and items to ensure your survival in the World of Inferno.
  • Epic Loot!
    Discover over 400 unique items! The same item could have different stats, so keep searching for better equipment!
  • Choose from 8 Playable Characters with their own strengths and abilities!
    Choose the Royal Knight who ignores equipment requirements or the Forest Hunter who can heal when poisoned and much more!


Right from the get go Inferno Climber throws you into hell, there is no tutorial to speak of and no instructions. You are faced with a steep climb to what can only be described as impeding doom, lets just say your end comes before your prime. After a quick choice you learn why the game is named Inferno Climber. Though frustrating to understand it sets the tone of the whole game from that point forward. You then kind of get a feel for how the game is played and the controls through a better tutorial type walkthrough. I was surprised how well the game began it infuriated you but also humbled you right from the start, making you realize you may not be the warrior you so thought. It will make you reminisce of your hours of playing dark souls with the amount of times you will find yourself fumbling through.


You will die… will die ALOT!!!!

I forwent the warning that the game would need a controller to play, mostly because of my own lazy ways. By far this was a sore mistake and I was decimated quickly, the controls are not well mapped for PC. Inferno Climber was originally going to be a PC/PS4 game but later was pushed to PC only release. Even die hard keyboard/mouse players were hurting to find a controller so they could survive long enough to get to the next level. If you haven’t yet played the game a controller is strongly recommended before you do. In some ways a minor annoyance and probably the one downfall of the game if any.

Graphically as I said the game wows, not for life like realistic looking scenery. Surprisingly without the lush graphics we have come to expect this game is beautiful. Styling calls out to the past, with a bit of an updated feel this game would have shined on the older systems. You almost feel transported back to the PS3/PS2 days. Though this game could have also been on your Sega or Super Nintendo and you would have found love with what it had to offer.


Resources are an integral part of keeping your game going, whether it be food or water to drink. Inferno Climber also has a system where your weapons will over time break if not repaired properly. Though it sounds annoying it is truthfully a joy to have that little added feature. Not to mention as you fight you can lose both mania and stamina so it gives the game a hard learning edge which you must be careful to traverse with caution not to fail.

Overall Inferno Climber drags you through hell but in the best kind of way, you may find yourself enjoying the game. Personally my thoughts going in were much different than when I came out after first playing the game. It will surely be one of those games you pick up again just to finish so you can enjoy the beauty of what is being offered up.

Not sold check out the back story and a quick teaser trailer:

A long, long time ago… 5 Purgatory Stones with incredible magical power were divided amongst the 5 different kingdoms of the land to keep the world in order. However, as time passed, evil and corruption spread throughout the land. The Stones soon fell into the wrong hands and monsters soon plagued the kingdom for 100 years… Until one day an innocent soul made a pact with Death and set forth in search of the Purgatory Stones to return peace to the land.


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