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First Look: The Dark Tower

Summer blockbuster season is here, and in between vengeful synthetics, and talking raccoons, angry gods, and wall crawling teenagers, a horror author once again rises, to bring us hope, and a very, very interesting tale. America’s favorite scary storyteller is back, as Sony released today, the first trailer for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. The…

8:21 pm

[PAX East 2017] Diablo III Female Necromancer reveal

Following last years’ Blizzcon reveal of the Necromancer class, the team at Blizzard brought a little of that Blizzcon excitement to this years’ Pax East show in the form of the female Necromancer class, finally giving those of us who weren’t able to attend Blizzcon a chance to get our hands on Sanctuary’s newest hero….

11:23 am


In a quiet corner on the upper floors of the Washington State Convention center, there was a small booth, it’s visitors sitting huddled over tablet devices, their brows furrowed in deep concentration as noise cancelling headphones blocked out the cacophony of sound coming from the show room floor. Randomly, someone would stand, walk over to…

7:03 pm

Crumbs from the Toaster: Sony’s Playstation Event

Today at Sony’s Playstation Event, Andrew House and the rest of the folks over at Playstation came out swinging, sort of. While some of the announcements definitely hit the ball out of the park, it seems that the gap between what companies think gamers want, and what gamers actually want is still a problem that…

7:39 pm

Viking Squad first impressions!

Taking a spin around the indie megabooth at Pax West on day one revealed a few surprises, with many more to be uncovered during subsequent visits, after all it is only day one. One of these such surprises was the three player co-op brawler, Viking Squad, currently in development by Slick Entertainment, an indie studio…

8:44 pm

Rinse, Wash, and Repeat, E3 2016

Another year, and another E3 in the books, and while the event itself I’m sure is a completely different animal when you are there, those of us watching from the comfort of our office chairs, or couches were treated to the usual bright lights, and stuttering live streams, and bucket loads of hype, and I…

10:52 am

Microsoft at E3 Toaster’s Take

Well, the rumors, and stories were true, even down the name of the project, but I’m getting ahead of myself here, considering the sheer amount of information Microsoft revealed at it’s E3 presser. Right out of the gate, Phil Spencer acknowledged the Xbox One S is being released this August. The newly designed console comes…

10:38 am

Toaster’s “I’m not at E3, but here’s my EA impression” impressions

EA’s press conference this year was the usual par for the course for the powerhouse studio, from Madden to FifaFantasy 17 , I mean Fifa 17 EA’s sports titles are what they’ve always been, smartly designed, with a specific market in mind, a market that is admittedly huge, and not games I’ve ever really been…

5:32 pm

Xbox One S leaked

Well, thanks to the folks over at NeoGAF, we have our first (leaked) official look at one of the cards currently residing up Microsoft’s sleeve. According to sources inside Microsoft, the new machine is called the Xbox One S (for slim) and is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One. Not only is the machine…

4:20 pm

Ubisoft Reveals Watchdogs 2

Ah, a week before E3, a time spent speculating, guessing, and scouring the internet for any hints, or words from reliable sources regarding your favorite title, a time spent looking forward in almost childish glee to your favorite studio’s press conference. Or, if you are an Ubisoft fan, you can watch this 20-minute video revealing…

11:00 am
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