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Inferno Climber [PC Review]

Recently I was afforded the chance to take up the sword and review Arc System Works game Inferno Climber. On the outside a cutesy hack & slash, but at the core a game that will drag you through hell. Literally Inferno Climber will not show any mercy as you fight your way through the underbelly…

12:43 pm

“Rad” Kickstart “Rodger” That

If you have been gaming for anytime you like many others have witnessed the many changing faces of Video Games we play. Years ago games were just a bunch of squares on a screen and only color differentiated what player you were. Though throughout the years gaming started to evolve and take shape. Now gaming…

5:48 pm

Kerbal Space Program [PS4 Review]

Mission Control Kerbal Space Program, one of those games most have heard of but probably never picked up for their own collection. Though I had heard good things and watched it played a few times personally I never picked it up. Recently I was offered up the chance to blast off into space and give…

7:31 pm